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zoe keramea


Zoe Keramea is a versatile artist who uses drawing, printmaking, and sculpture as her media while having expanded also into ceramics. Audiences will gladly remember her for the games she engaged them in with her artist’s books and limited editions which have been readily available in museums and bookstores. With her latest venture, the digital version of her game ‘Mandala Memory’, an App for the iPhone and iPod touch, Zoe Keramea reaches out to an even wider public who will enjoy her intricate patterns while playing. At the core of her work though lies paper, paper to be printed, folded, cut or drawn upon. Of equal importance are lines and geometrical shapes, which the artist twists into innumerable variations, constantly surprising the viewer with the possible depths of imagination. She is an excellent printmaker who developed her own intaglio printmaking process, called ‘zoetype’; she was awarded a Fulbright Grant to further develop it in New York. Her attention to detail, and her ingrained knowledge and mastery of specialized techniques demand equal commitment from the viewer who will want to appreciate the intricacy of her works. One can expect graphite and ink drawings on paper, sculptures composed of numerous folded paper hexahedrons, and prints made up of various layers incorporating embossing and relief.

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