Lazarus and Els at Home
Lazarus and Els at Home

SIAKOS.HANAPPE House of Art was founded in 2010 by creative team members Els Hanappe and Lazarus Siakos. They joined talents and expertise to offer sound advice on aesthetic living and professional service to match.

In his famous painting D’où Venons Nous Que Sommes Nous Où Allons Nous (Museum of Fine Arts in Boston), French artist Paul Gauguin asks three vital questions: Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? Created in 1897 while on Tahiti, it reflects his meditation on the nature of life, its meaning, origins and progress, and the essence of human existence.

Entrepreneurship has been increasingly associated with innovation and the future: biotechnology, artificial intelligence, information and data technology, sustainability, communications, and more. Gauguin however makes clear the importance of awareness of past, present and future as essential to human life. SIAKOS.HANAPPE looks at the past to define who we are today and to help us shape the future.

As time races on, history will become increasingly valuable. It is not a coincidence that Bill Gates, entrepreneur par excellence, is willing to pay a record sum for Leonardo da Vinci’s manuscript ‘Codex Leicester’.

At SIAKOS.HANAPPE House of Art, we believe in mankind and the value of its history, in the psychological rewards of the aesthetic experience, and in expert advice.

Els Hanappe is an art historian with a long history in contemporary art. She was the owner of Els Hanappe Underground, a commercial gallery in the old center of Athens, and she managed for years a private collection. Els leads the South Society haute couture embroidery and art sections. Contact: els@siakos-hanappe.com

Lazarus N. Siakos takes care of the Creations Lazare section where he converts collections into art entities. His private passions include home design, interior, and garden landscaping. Contact: creations.lazare@siakos-hanappe.com

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