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Stathis Alexopoulos


Stathis Alexopoulos takes daily objects and classical themes and converts these into contemporary icons, applying a personal technique, characterized by the supposition of bands and ribbons that mummify his subjects, enclosing memory and form. This woven pattern plays an important role in ancient myths but it also refers to the very contemporary notion of ‘hubs’, the knots formed at the many crossings of the various overlapping bands. Stathis Alexopoulos researches new materials and uses these innovative elements, in this case, to produce metallic surfaces. 

For his latest show, 'Hubs', Stathis Alexopoulos has realized a series of new sculptures, including the formidable Aphrodite, the elegant horse heads, and the playful guitar and motorbike. His interest in design is apparent through the application of sculptures that serve as table legs and through the Isis chair.  


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