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apostolos karastergiou


Naturalists were particularly popular from the 15th through to the 17th centuries, during the Age of Discovery, when travellers and adventurers brought back drawings of their discoveries for study at home. These invariably included maps and descriptions of landscapes and inhabitants but also detailed drawings of the local fauna and flora. One such naturalist and a predecessor of the better known Audubon was Mark Catesby, an Englishman who published the first Natural History of North America (18th century), containing mostly plates of the plants and birds of the Southern states and the Bahamas.  Many of the animals Catesby observed concerned species unknown to English society. Karastergiou plays with this notion that our own knowledge and experience of the natural habitat is second hand and furthermore, through the rapid deterioration of nature worldwide, the fast speed at which animals and plants alike become extinct, lost forever, is bound to be through the Natural History museum only.



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