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hara piperidou


pleasure in pain

The paintings and sculptures of Hara Piperidou reflect a psycho-analytical search into true identity and the self. The body plays a major role as outer representation of this identity, and as our existence within a reality. The body represents the way we see ourselves or the way we think others perceive us. It is the first boundary between the other and our inner selves. The body as a natural entity manifests itself through acts of eroticism, which, when taken to extremes, leads to lust, destruction and violence, birth and death. This innate violent character in turn is a result of the power of our instincts. In opposition to this instinctive behaviour - which can easily give cause to uncontrollable situations - stands Reason. If physical power provides a way of repressing the other into obedience, than reason through the use of words and as a means of communication can equally be used as a tool for transmitting power. In Hara Piperidou’s works, many references are made to language and to speech as a means of expression through the depiction of a tongue as body organ. The tongue is the gateway between our inner and outer selves.  



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