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ingbert brunk


Born in Dannenberg, Germany. Studied at the University of the Arts in Berlin.

Ingbert Brunk has been living and working in Naxos Greece, since 1985 and has taken part in numerous group and solo exhibitions.

"Through marble I am able to give life and shape to what I think and to what I feel."

Ingbert Brunk, who grew up in Germany where he studied sculpture, travelled to the island of Naxos on holiday and fell in love with the crystalline quality of the local marble. He has not left since and for 30 years now of continuous output, he has been focusing entirely on developing the skills and forms that will enhance ever more the various colour shades, the transparency, and the lightness of the material.  He manages to carefully select the blocks of stone from the quarry and shape them into perfect and smooth forms and surfaces that respect the natural qualities of the marble. Playing with the natural and coloured layers of marble, he creates a pictorial effect akin to painting. The works are often very fragile, counter to the perception of marble as a heavy stone. The intimate presence of the ancient world is apparent not only in the choice of material, but also in the simplicity of his "vessel-sculpture," which demonstrate affinities with the stone cups of the Cycladic culture. Through the virtuosity of the surface treatment, they unite the archaic vocabulary of form with calculated modern elegance drawn from a minimalist modernist tradition.




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