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part one, water pulses: carolina saquel
cuero vivo

20 APRIL, TUESDAY, 20:00

A Triptych of audio-video projections that reflect on the nature of water, its movement, its vastness, its depth, and the stories, the admiration and the awe that surround it. Sound plays a crucial role in all three works.

Cuero vivo, a video projection by Paris based Chilean artist Carolina Saquel

Cuero vivo (Live Skin) refers to a malefic creature of Chilean popular culture, a local myth said to be responsible for the disappearance of stray animals and humans wandering alone into still waters. In Saquel's work the Cuero nevertheless can be understood as a concept of the formless, pointing at the violence of transformation, those liquid shapes of nature that can at any moment meld into something else. The soundtrack gives shape to the environment and the atmosphere of an almost monochrome black projection.

Commissioned by the Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton in Paris - where the video can be viewed as part of the group show Chili, L'Envers du Décor until 9 May - in collaboration with Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains.